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    925 sterling silver (- gold-plated)

    ancient casting technique



    this ring reminds me of the fruity cube candy - turkish delight. It’s a miniature garden eden where daily magic happens. 



    please note that pieces can variate a bit from the images since each of them is handmade specially for you.


    all pieces available also in 18k gold - just contact: to order.


      Our rings are available in four different sizes. To know more or less which one will suit your finger, you can either go to a jewelry store and ask them to take the measurements or you can try it yourself. Just take one of your rings (preferably for the same finger) and a ruler and compare the measurements with ours.


      SIZE SIZE in mm INNER Ø in mm N° EU
      S 52 17 12
      M 55 18 15
      L 58 19 18
      XL 61 20 21


    210,00 €Price
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