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The essence of Kiala’s creative practice is continuously inspired by her roots, but it’s also about her routes, taking her to various places, always looking for inspiration and like-minded individuals to connect and work with.

The world citizen and multidisciplinary artist is currently based between Berlin and Barcelona where she has finally arrived at jewelry making as the currently best form to express herself. Previously and simultaneously, she has occupied positions as craftswoman, goldsmith, creative director, painter or model – just to name a few aspects of her constantly evolving artistic practice.


The invisible meaning that is embodied in her jewelry forms one of Kiala’s core values. Her pieces gain a life of their own, interwoven with the people and encoded with their stories. Acting as vessels, they become transformed by their wearers and carry intrinsic value. This spiritual character is passed along, forming a bond between generations, connecting us to those who were before us and those who will come after us.
Metal is used as a tool that builds, a shell that protects, an adornment that beautifies. There has been a close material relationship with human beings from the earliest times onwards. People have made and worn jewelry for symbolic reasons to show their affiliation or wealth, communicating status and group membership.
Working with this flexible material is a fluid process. It allows for spontaneity and endless possibilities: dissolving old, mending together, creating something new. Her chosen medium best suits Kiala’s own personality.

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