We want you to be happy with your jewelry as long as possible, so here is a few advices on how to maintain your jewelry in a good condition.


It's normal that the surface treatment of your jewelry will change over time, but keeping it away from pools and saunas, cosmetics, sweat, chemical detergents, hard surfaces and so on, will help to make the coating last longer. 


If however it lost some of it's shine we are happy to re-coat it for you.


Store your jewelry safely, preferably in its original packaging to prevent scratches and damages, especially while traveling. We want you to be happy with your pieces as long as possible.


To clean your jewelry we recommend using just a microfiber cloth, or a very soft brush and some soap and water (this only for the non-coated pieces).


If it is necessary to get a piece repaired you can either bring it to a jeweler you trust or you send it to us.