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    925 sterling silver (- gold-plated)

    ancient casting technique




    Like the cosmic egg ready to explode, we look at an oval which bears

    the most vivid cosmic creations, bursting stars, effervescent oceans and seething volcanos.




    Please note that pieces can variate a bit from the images since each of them is handmade specially for you.


    All pieces available also in 18k gold - just to order.



      Our rings are available in four different sizes. To know more or less which one will suit your finger, you can either go to a jewelry store and ask them to take the measurements or you can try it yourself. Just take one of your rings (preferably for the same finger) and a ruler and compare the measurements with ours.


      SIZE SIZE in mm INNER Ø in mm N° EU
      S 52 17 12
      M 55 18 15
      L 58 19 18
      XL 61 20 21


    200,00 €Price
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