Let me live

I want to free myself, break free from the structures; our structure, the structures that relentlessly imprison not only me. They imprison you, maybe without you knowing it. I want to escape these confining constructs which are taught by society but that I also imposed upon myself, by accepting predefined instances and incorporating them unquestioned as if they were my own.

This longing I feel leaves me with the inevitable question: What would happen if I succeeded in detaching myself from the structures? Who would I be if I were to be completely free?

This series shows a development. Not a linear progress but an evolution of substance, a breaking free from whatever keeps me in the system. It is a slow conversion from pressed brass to casted silver, a unification of old and new techniques, manifested in one ring.

Each piece has a unique center pattern, created by chance, while the outer forms remain identical. The materials tell the story of being entangled, captured, suffocated. The two parts depend on each other and by embracing, they become one.