I want to to expand the term jewelry and what comes to people’s mind when they think of it.
Some time ago my dad asked me to create a little video for one of his songs. I chose a love song: „شمس“ meaning „the sun“ in Arabic.
Inspired by the sounds, the colors and the meaning of this song, Anjana Berger and I created 3 pieces uniting the materials we work with: fabric and metal. It’s not just clothing nor just jewelry, it’s the fusion of both - a symbiosis of an attire and a neckpiece, for example that when merged, create the garment.

The Moon, the night sky and the sun’s rays are the leitmotifs of the three pieces we created.

Lying in my tent somehwere in the nowhere

looking at the desert kissing night sky.

i saw the moon and i started to cry.